Interior Designing Company

What is Interior Designing?

Interior Designing is the art of enhancing the interior of a building to achieve an aesthetically pleasing environment for people using that space.

Interior Designer is someone who plans and designs, researches, coordinates and manages projects for Interior Designing of a house/building. They bring life to interior spaces and upgrade their aesthetical and practical features.

What do we Design?

We design an end to end solution after understanding a customer’s needs, planning out the space, create models (a look like of your main design), doing the inhouse production of each product required, delivering the best designs according to the customer’s requirement.


Bangalore Market for Interior Designer

In the recent years, India has gone through significant changes- regarding lifestyle, employment and migration from one place to another. Indians are now getting fast-paced and are developing a taste for high-end lifestyle and Bangalore has been one of the top Cities on the list due to the IT growth in the recent years.

Due to the rapid urbanization in Bangalore, Interior Designing companies in Bangalore are innovating and coming up with new styles and new designing techniques too. There is also a noticeable growth in the income & purchasing power of Bangaloreans due to the IT growth and the home ownership rates. This is the reason why many city dwellers spend more on the interior design of their homes to make them unique, well equipped, and sophisticated.

Certain Interior Designers in Bangalore also do Online Interior Designing. Here you can create your own design and plan a layout. But there is a restriction to this – the tools help only in the initial creation but it is not the final design. Hence, meeting your designer in person helps you share your ideas and also helps the designer to understand your style and needs in order to design your perfect/dream house.

Many of the top Interior Designer firms in Bangalore partner with Architects and Decorators to design the perfect home or office space as per Client’s requirement.

Features of Modern Interior

Modern style of Interior is very variable and practical. A few features of the Modern Style interiors are explored in this section.

Convenient Layout

Since today, most of the people live in apartments, and apartments generally do not have large rooms, the modern style interior is aimed mainly for the comfortably designed apartments. The main goal of this is to make the layout as comfortable as possible for the customer.

Color Spectrum

It’s always good to have neutral colours as a background in Modern interior. There are colour accent walls which are contrasting to the neutral base colour of the wall. Bright and expressive colours can be used here on this wall or even textiles or other decor can be used instead of the colours.

Environmentally friendly interior

This topic is pretty important and relevant in modern interior designing. Wherever possible natural materials are used in the design of the house or office. If this is not possible, preference is given to those that can be called environmental friendly.


Lighting in the modern interior is very important and when the light introduced and the artificial light allow us to look at the interior in a completely different way. Also must mention the design of chandeliers, floor lamps, scones ad table lamps which are far from minor elements and full fledged interior decor.


About Nuspace

If you wish to decorate your brand new home, or are looking for assistance to refurbish your home hiring an interior designer is a great option. Being one of the best interior designers in Bangalore, we will help turn that dream home design into a reality.

We undertake Home interiors and renovation projects too. We specialize in helping our customers with an end to end solution of interior design and decor. We also have a great design team who first understand the needs and style of our customers and designs the ideal home for them.

Main focus of Nuspace is to provide with quality designs and materials used. We do inhouse production of the products and specialize in Alloy kitchen concept.

What we do:

  • Interior Design
  • Lifestyle Interiors
  • Ergonomics
  • Aluminium Concepts.