Interior Design

“There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort”
—–Jane Austen

A house or an apartment becomes a home only when beautiful and functional interiors are present. Interiors reflect the home owners and are meticulously designed to give comfort.

To ensure homes are crafted for people who stay there, we first carefully understand ergonomics of the house and the way the home is going to be utilized.
Simultaneously, we spend time with the home owners to understand their vision, storage requirements et al. Finally, we combine vision and utility with efficiency to get the right interiors for our clients.

Once designs are ready, we begin the careful execution of the apartment or villa to create beautiful and functional homes, just the way you would imagine your dream home to be.

Lifestyle Interiors

Lifestyle interiors are also called turnkey interior design and execution. This is a step above just interiors. Here we include various elements that add to the aesthetics of your home bringing a whole new vibe to your home. Here we design and integrate every aspect of your home to ensure that each space while calling to the inner you, also meets every need that you could think of. We work on the complete interiors of the home from the foyer onwards.
We understand what furniture you would like to use and bring in to your new home. We understand in a lot more detail the individual style of design and tailor-make a detailed design concept for you. Based on this, we not only select interiors but also other elements like functional and designer light fixtures, window drapes and blinds, wall and ceiling treatments (paint, wall paper, cladding, false ceiling), sofas and upholstery, cushions and bedspreads to every small detail.
With lifestyle interiors created just the way you imagined your dream home to be, you become the envy of your friends.


Ergonomics is a science of design which is done keeping your comfort as the main focus. It’s based on how you interact with various work surfaces and tools and designed after understanding the user’s height measurements.

For example, most interiors are designed for a person of average height of 5 Feet 6 inches. This creates strain for a person who is about 5 feet in height. Good ergonomics is about then adjusting height of the kitchen platform and overhead cupboards so that it is easily accessible and does not create strain.

According to the famous ergonomics designer Story Et al and Anne Kramer, ergonomic design needs to:

  • Accommodate a wide range of flexible preferences.
  • Simple, intuitive and be useful.
  • Minimizes hazards or accidents.
  • Comfortable and all work surfaces easy to approach.

At NuSpace, we ensure such essential aspects of ergonomics are implemented to make your home interiors beautiful and functional.

Aluminium Concepts

After several years of research at our R&D centre, we invented kitchens and wardrobes built on aluminium structures. This was done based on years of learning on environmental conditions in our kitchens and how we use them.

NuSpace Aluminium kitchens are completely ‘box’ free below the countertop (stone slab). If you open the cabinets, you would have full visibility of back and side walls with kitchen structure built on solid aluminium pillars.

Accessories from branded manufacturers like Hettich, Blum or Hafele are fixed onto the pillar structures. Also this part is completely waterproof which simply means, you can pull out the drawers and wash your kitchen using a hosepipe.
The major advantage is that every drawer can be detached and washed easily.

Another advantage is since there are no partitions, separating one system from the other due to which, it has great air circulation creating a breathing effect.

Another key aspect is that only the framework is made up of aluminium.

Aluminium Wardrobes – Here the frames work is again made of aluminium which is lightweight and strong. There is about 30% usage of wood. But the look that is achieved is that of an Italian finish.

Our Features


As its all alloy - it's very durable. At any time you want to renovate, then just by changing the shutters at a fractional cost - you get a new look.


Reduced Wood - We reduce about 50% of wood thereby making it eco-friendly.

Load Baring

As it's an alloy, it's more load bearing than any wood. Wood often loses its strength after several years, but with an alloy like aluminium, you would not have any such issues.

Re-sale Value

You get about 30 % money back when you decide to sell the kitchen to scrap. This happens as wood loses its value as soon as it is used. However, the value of aluminium remains which can be sold.

Life of Hardware

As all the hinges and hardware is fitted on the aluminium framework, the wear and tear of hardware will be less when compared to them being fitted on wood.

Cost Effective

For all the above benefits, the price that you pay is very reasonable