Alloy Kitchen

NuSpace is a Bangalore based Home Interiors Flagship store. With this Concept, we mark an exciting moment in NuSpace’s history and unveil the never seen before kitchen solution with Alloy Framework Technology, our premium Alloy Kitchen Model.

Aluminum Alloy Kitchen Model is an innovative concept, invented by us, in-house in 2011. Keeping the unique needs of Indian buyers in mind, we designed the Alloy Kitchen in a way that it looks modular from the outside and is yet sturdy, multi-functional and adaptable on the inside, that is completely suited for Indian cooking style.

The contemporary kitchen design with a creative and highly versatile character is one of our most popular and high selling products. But what makes this kitchen design so unique in the market? Let’s find out.


Aluminum Alloy Kitchen Concept

Our Aluminum Alloy Kitchen concept plays with the bias of expectations versus new inspiration. The unique feature about this kitchen is the Aluminum Alloy Framework, which forms the strong foundation of this model. Every section is made in parts and then assembled as per customer requirement. This makes it easier to add or remove any part, at a later point, especially when moving to a new place.

This modern kitchen employs various opening methods to create a unique user experience, like drawers, pull outs, flap up designs for upper cabinets and even tall units. Depending on what kitchen features, it is paired with sleek, architectural aesthetics and warm, cosy textured finish. The thickness of the cabinet doors gives it the perfect deepness and the hinges come with amazing wear and tear capability.

Alloy Kitchen design offers a deep level of flexibility in terms of customization. This includes a vast expanse of design, finish and layout choices, be it for an open kitchen, exclusively designed breakfast counter, an island kitchen, a sleek parallel design or may be for just a single counter.

But this is not where our work ends. This is where we begin with unlimited accessory, configuration and functionality considerations for our customers with unique tastes and needs.

Materials Used

The new alloy framework technology used in this kitchen solution incorporates aluminum alloy and MDF wood, where the alloy forms the structure and MDF wood is paneled aesthetically to form durable cabinets. The cabinets beneath are fabricated from the water proof MDF. The hollow system with no-partition separating units in the assembly makes this exclusive design more breathable and one of its kind.

Benefits of Alloy Kitchen

  • Our kitchen models come with 7 years of warranty.
  • The alloy framework has the capability to last for more than 25 years.
  • Load bearing capacity of counters and cabinets is 2 fold.
  • The 100% waterproof design allows you to wash the cabinets with water for a more hygienic experience.
  • No stale smell in closed vessels.
  • The entire assembly is converted into a breathable structure, with no dampness, pests free experience and completely sterile inside.
  • We ensure that you get enough space to mop and make your kitchen absolutely unsoiled and dirt-free.
  • If you are moving to an apartment and already have a granite platform fixed in the kitchen, we can still provide you a customized solution without having to remove the platform.

Why NuSpace?

Through our exquisite custom kitchen solution, NuSpace has build a legacy of fine design and craftsmanship in some of the City’s most beautiful Homes.

When you opt for the Best Alloy Kitchen by NuSpace, you invest in your most prized possession, your home. You expect your investment to last and bring years of dependable service and luxury. And so do we. This is why we stand behind you. Our high quality kitchen solution never fails to perform. In case of a service, maintenance or damage, you can count on us to be your trusted partner in returning your kitchen solution to original condition.

NuSpace – When Indian made craftsmanship meets sophisticated and contemporary design to suit Indian style of cooking.