About Us

Our Journey

NuSpace (earlier called Nushutter) was established in October of 2005 with the intention of creating stellar interior designs. One of our core ideologies at NuSpace is, we combine design, functionality and cutting-edge technology to give homeowners a stress-free home designing process by which they can make their home cosy, comfortable and stylish.

The journey started as the fixed furniture market is plagued by an unorganized structure of carpenters. You know what that means, unexplained costs, no post-sales service delays and quality issues. Furthermore, we saw that having conventional interiors leads to having to get regular maintenance work done on your spaces.

As a solution, we stepped into the modular market, with the aim to reduce the maintenance and improvise the overall experience from design to execution. We teamed up with Nuplus, a Pune based company to design stellar kitchens that look good and also makes it a pleasure to cook in your kitchen.

Our Horizons

In 2008, we expanded our horizons by offering interior execution of all styles and designs. At this time, we also entered into a collaboration with the brand AGT, from Turkey which enabled us to bring new age, cutting edge designs for our clients with their unique products.

However, we still were not able to offer a complete solution for our clients, this is when we added on complete/turnkey interiors or lifestyle interiors. With this, we have become a complete one stop shop for all design and execution needs.

At NuSpace, we have a team of experienced designers who lend their expertise to help create one or multiple themed spaces in your home for cost-effective but gorgeous rooms. We handle the entire process of design, delivery, installation and post-installation service. As an established interior design firm, NuSpace gives you transparent costs and promises installation within 60 days. We also suggest the best designs, arts and handicrafts for your home to be the cosy abode you have always dreamt of.

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T V Viswanath Gupta – Founder and Partner

He was previously a director of the family-owned business Kwality Biscuits Pvt Ltd. Currently, he plays the vital role of not just being the backbone of the company but also heads the R&D team. He is pivotal in the planning, design and execution of new products that are free from the baggage of conventional modular furniture. The unique Aluminium concepts for the Modular Kitchens and Wardrobes was developed by him. He derives his inspiration from the customer acceptance and accolades that he receives for his products and designs, from the knowledge of the role that NuSpace has been able to play in helping a client create their dream home. He is a huge enthusiast of technological advancements, especially in home automation. In his personal time, he loves to golf and has extensively travelled.

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Shruthi Gupta - Co-Founder and Partner

Shruthi started in the business over a decade ago, interning and learning about kitchens and Interior designs from every aspect. She currently heads business strategy and growth for NuSpace. She continuously redefines how interiors are designed and delivered, aspiring to increase customer delight constantly. She loves and is driven by meeting clients and designing their new homes to their individual tastes, preferences and needs. She is able to relate to the fact that its most people’s first own home, so she ensures her clients are completely satisfied with the design and how the entire project is taken care of. Shruthi loves trekking and has done the Everest Base Camp in April 2015. Ever since then she takes a couple of week long treks each year. She loves travelling and playing golf.

In-House Factory and R&D centre

Most interior companies get the carcasses ( shelf boxes) manufactured externally from factories of vendors. This sometimes leads to an escalation of costs and dip in the quality of work.

At NuSpace we have our in-house manufacturing unit, where we take care of the work that is produced. We measure it with intricate quality parameters to ensure that the carcasses, shutters and other components are working perfectly before it is brought on-site to be fixed.

We always want our customers to have the best and most technologically advanced interiors. To ensure this, we have set up our own R&D centre, where we experiment with new materials, hardware and design concepts.
We also perform various tests such as soaking in the water test, extreme heat test and other tests to make sure that the new concepts which come out of our stables are of immaculate quality, safe and technologically advanced.