Kitchen Cum Living Cum Dining Area

Do you love staying connected with your family and home even while you are busy cooking for them? If yes, then you will love these ideas of modular kitchen integrate with dining room. Open kitchen designs have gained immense popularity in recent years. The good part is that even kitchens in small homes can be transformed into stylish kitchen-cum-living-cum-dining areas.

1. The Perfect Fusion

For the perfect fusion of kitchen, living and dining area, it is crucial to cover any division, even if it is a half wall or curtain. Such a space should be blended well with each other. Unobstructed space does half of the work and the other half can be done by coordinating colors, new styles, materials and shapes.

2. Distributing the Dimensions

Lack of space in small homes is the very reason that kitchen, living and dining areas are combined. But today, they can coexist together in an artistic way and still maintain individual identity. The same dimension of kitchen, dining and living helps make this integrated space very practical and yet stunning.

3. The Kitchen Islands

A kitchen island is the perfect value-added feature that transforms the way you use and enjoy the busiest room in your house. At a minimum, it can add counter and storage space just where you need them. And if you outfit the island with fixtures like a sink or may be add chairs for dining, it can become the hub of all your activities. Adding an island not only offers value for money, but is the best spot to have a family time.

4. Divided By Floor

Image: https://www.homify.in/ideabooks/4539456/12-stylish-ways-to-integrate-kitchen-and-dining-room

This is one stylish kitchen for the small home. The floor of the kitchen and dining space creatively divides the room and the connection between the materials used in kitchen living and the dining , not only unites the style, but also makes them look great together.

These are some amazing ideas to integrate kitchen, dining and living area in a stylish yet practical way.