Classic Kitchens with Modern Appeal

Are you looking for a realistic style kitchen that can go well with your personal style and your family’s needs? Well, if yes, then a classic kitchen with modern appeal is the right choice for you. The simple design in classic kitchens enriched with traditional details makes it a perfect canvas to add your personal style.

NuSpace completely understands that most of us seek realistic kitchens where we can cook in and live in for a long time. Here are some amazing styling ideas by NuSpace for your classic kitchens that can add modern appeal to your space.

Neutral Color Palettes

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The thumb rule is that you need to stick to a neutral color palette for your classic kitchen, like deeper whites, beige, cream or lighter brown. Such neutral colors bring ease to the eye and allows you to add a pop of color with your favorite seasonal piece of home décor.

Simple Cabinet Styles

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Classic kitchens are all about simple styles mixed with traditional elements and simple cabinet styles are the best way to start. The trick is to pick a style that is not too ornate or not too simple, so that you don’t end up with a traditional or too contemporary looking kitchen.

No Fussy Backsplashes

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For a classic kitchen feel, NuSpace suggests to stick with the neutral color palette, simple styles for your cabinetry and no fussy backsplashes. Multi-tonal glass backsplashes can add massive amounts of color and may also change with the trend, over a period of time. Simple subway style or a textured tile for your backsplash that can keep to the creams and beiges in your color scheme would be just perfect for your kitchen.

Decorative Accessories

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In classic style kitchens, it’s important not to use too many decorative accessories or else your kitchen will look crowded and may closely resemble a traditional style kitchen. You can choose simple elements, like for an island, a small crown molding or a vase can help create a focal point.

The best part about classic kitchen designs is that they are super flexible. These are easy to update and with simple addition of a few key décor pieces, you can make your kitchen a classic statement.